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Air Systems Design, Inc., currently owned by Robert Zacary, Jr., is the leader in the industry of pneumatic conveying and material handling. Backed by a total of over 65 years of experience shared along with his father and founder of the company, Robert Zacary, Sr., ASDI can meet or exceed your specific needs in material handling.

To best serve our customers, we provide a complete professional staff of Mechanical designers and engineers.

This staff is trained in Auto-CAD to ensure that we always provide to our customers clear and concise information. To further serve our customers, we also offer in-house electrical engineering design services which assure that all control systems not only meet our stringent specifications but that they also adhere to each one of our customers specific needs. Along with our engineering and design services, we also offer a knowledgeable sales staff eager to help you with your material handling needs. Our sales team works out of the New Orleans, Nashville and North Carolina areas allowing for more accessibility to you, the customer. We also have sales teams on the West Coast, the East Coast and Central United States.

To ensure quality products are delivered to every customer, we provide a turnkey system.

We are able to provide specialty items for our customers including heavy duty fans, platforms, support structures, diverter valves, separators, hoppers and chutes.

On the job site, we provide one of the best trained and most safety oriented SUBCONTRACTED erection crews in the industry.

Our teams carry a $2,000,000.00 general liability insurance policy along with workers compensation coverage. As proof of record, we offer that our EMR rating has averaged 0.87 since 2000.

Our goal at Air Systems Design, Inc. is to design the best, most efficient pneumatic conveying system to meet or exceed our customers' specific needs.

All systems designed and equipment provided is driven with a single goal in mind, that being to maximize your production. We strive to provide competitive pricing while offering the best available equipment (including shredders, balers and filters) with the best warranty from one source.


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